plastic exhibitions in India

Indian Plastic Exports Targets High-Potential International Markets

Indian plastic exports are rapidly growing, evidenced by the fact that the exported plastics were worth $997 million in February 2024. It had a 14.3% increase from February 2023, when the plastic export was worth $872 million. Industrial growth led by innovative products, along with the efforts of PLEXCONCIL, has driven Indian exporters to this level. The council has brought many initiatives to help domestic exporters expand internationally and make the Indian plastics industry recognised worldwide. Learn more about how the Indian plastics market targets the global scenario and its progress.

Indian Exports Targeting International Markets – A Breakthrough

The Indian plastic exports are heavily promoted outside, leading to opportunities in Oceania, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the EU, and the USA. All the regions have lucrative offers that strengthen the Indian plastics industry even more!

The US has automotive, packaging, construction, and consumer goods opportunities. The Middle East has considerable plastic demand for the same industries as the USA. The EU market is profitable for medical devices, automotive components, and industrial applications. Southeast Asia is expanding demand for automotive components, packaging and electronics. Likewise, countries like Mexico and Brazil in Latin America are lucrative for construction and packaging. Oceanic countries, including New Zealand and Australia, are prospective in the automotive and packaging sectors.

Through it all, PLEXCONCIL has been a constant help to every Indian plastic exporter around the country. Further, the council’s regular initiative is to conduct plastic exhibitions in India to bring domestic and global traders under one roof and expand the business internationally.

PLEXCONCIL: Driving the Indian Plastics Industry to New Heights

PLEXCONCIL is sponsored by the government of India’s Department of Commerce. It organises the country’s largest export-focused plastic exhibition, PlexConnect, which connects almost thousands of buyers to hundreds of exporters. PlexConnect is a three-day event in Mumbai where every exporter around the country is welcome to display their products and sell them to international buyers. Visitors can also attend discussions and lectures on plastic expansion and connect with like-minded people.