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Top 5 Traditional Gold Jewellery Of Maharashtra For Any Occasion

A woman looks beautiful and complete when she gets ready in her traditional attire and wears traditional gold jewellery. Traditional jewellery is an exhaustive heritage to take pride in for every state in India. The designs are inspired by centuries-old ornaments, making them more precious and close to heart for everyone.

Maharashtrian jewellery is an example of showcasing centuries-old designs that a woman can adorn from head to toe. From mangalsutra design gold to kadas and toe-rings, everything is unique and close to every Marathi woman’s heart. But many think that traditional gold jewellery doesn’t fit well with every attire, and it is true to some extent. You cannot wear rani haar or Mohan mala on every occasion. These ornaments are designed for special occasions and, when worn with complete attire, make them look more beautiful and meaningful.

But those who love traditional Maharashtrian jewellery must follow this post. We have listed some traditional jewellery designs that are easy to maintain and never go out of style. Check out our top 5 picks of traditional gold jewellery designs from Maharashtra that are suitable for any occasion.

1.   Bugadi

It is the most unique earring design that can be bought at various online stores nowadays. But if you know the original design and authenticity of this piece of jewelry, you will buy it from authentic jewelers who sell the original and authentic design. It is a popular ornament that is worn in the helix, making it more special and unique than other earring designs. Initially, they were designed using pearls, but now they are available in both gold and silver with intricate designs and can be styled with sarees on any special occasion.

2.   Nath

The Marathi nath is a uniquely designed nose ring made of pearls and gemstones. It is easily available in different sizes and designs but its crescent shape showcases its authenticity from the ancient era. You can effortlessly style it with Indian ethnic and Western wear and make a statement.

3.   Kudya

Kudya is the name given to special types of gold earrings adorned with beautiful pearls and gemstones. If you are looking for simple yet traditional Maharashtrian earring designs, you must consider Kudya. These are also known as kudi locally and are easy to wear.

4.   Kolhapuri Saaj

As the name says, the necklace is named after one of the most famous cities in Maharashtra, Kolhapur. The necklace’s intricate design is so special that every leaf or pendant has its importance. It is skillfully carved with 21 leaves, two emeralds, and two ruby stones. This rich-looking gold necklace set showcases the grandeur of ancient times.

5.   Tanmani

It is a choker-styled necklace made with beautiful pearls and gems. The pendant is attached to multiple strings of pearls, making it look rich and gorgeous in every sense.


To get the authentic traditional gold jewellery of Maharashtra, check out the designs of renowned jewelers, including Waman Hari Pethe Sons. These dazzling designs look best with both Indian and Western wear and help you make a statement with your jewelry.